A Beginner's Guide to MerchantWords

written on 7 Fri 2 2020 15:25

MerchantWords is one of the latest keyword research tools from Amazon and it is incredibly popular for its offerings and functionality. The most important highlight of Merchant words is perhaps the fact that it can help rank your targeted products at the top of Amazon’s search results. In this merchant words review, we will discuss this tool, its features, and benefits in detail.

How Does it Work?

If you are wondering what is merchantwords, you’re probably an Amazon merchant who's looking to stand ahead in the competition. So, here's the deal: Merchantwords is an excellent FBA platform, that comes with some of the best facilities for keyword research. Made by George Lawrence, this tool helps sellers target popular products that are searched by buyers across the globe. 

Since the Amazon marketplace is indeed highly diverse, it is worth having a tool like Merchant words that helps you access the total number of searches against the different products listed on Amazon. The tool is easy to operate, and you can conveniently use this even if you do not have any experience with other keyword research tools.

what is merchantwords

MerchantWords Pricing

MerchantWords follows a simple and easy approach to pricing. As of now, you can either choose the monthly or the yearly plan. It is worth noting that the yearly plan, however, comes with an added advantage. When you sign up for an annual package, you get a free membership for two months.

The monthly prices range from $29 to a whopping $149 depending on the features you'd want. The $29 package is a Silver plan, the $79 package is a Gold plan, and finally, the plan worth $149 is the Platinum plan.

While you can choose either of the options do note that you will only get a Merchantwords discount when you sign up for the annual plan.

MerchantWords Services

Merchant words come with a wide range of services tailored for businesses of all sizes. Upon signing up for this platform, you can access the Listing Advisor, Collections, Classic Search, Asin Plus, and more. The services are useful for Amazon merchants and you’d absolutely need them if you want to rank up your products in Amazon search.

Listing Advisor

If you want your Amazon listings to stand ahead of your competitors, this is one of the features you'll surely need. This is a premium feature that'll help you rank your product significantly higher. You can leverage this tool to get a listing that features a proper title with the right keywords. Additionally, you will also get a keyword-rich description, accurate HTML description, and a complete bundle of the top keywords. If you're unhappy with the description, you can also request another free rewrite.

The feature will be charged according to the ASIN cost. It is available for $300 for one listing. You can also get a discount of $500 if you choose ten listings in a bundle.


This is yet another excellent tool that’ll help you come up with Amazon lists according to specific search queries. What’s more, you will also have the option of storing these listings. The different variations of keywords will pop up under the primary search key. This way, you will find some excellent ideas for naming your upcoming products. Since the title will carry the right keyword, getting a higher rank will be even easier.

The biggest benefit of this feature lies in the number of keyword variations it offers. You will be taken aback by the number of variations available for the related items.

Classic Search

If you have some degree of clarity about the Amazon algorithm, this feature will certainly work in your favor. You will need a basic understanding of the A9 algorithm to start using this. The highlight of this feature is the fact that it offers you the best (and the maximum) keyword variations against a search query. Say, for instance, you type "vegetable slicer" in the search bar of Merchant words. After clicking ‘Search’ you’d be amazed to see the potential keyword variations for the search query you entered. This way, you will understand how the requirements of people tend to vary. You can leverage the feature for generating new product ideas that people actually need.

Keyword Multiplier

This is an excellent feature for generating a list of similar meaning keywords. The best part: the results are generated in a couple of seconds. The feature is quite simple and easy to grasp. All you need to do is enter a keyword and in the next few seconds, you will find a list of similar meaning words.

This way, you will get hundreds of keyword variations without having to manually research them. Explore the keywords and choose the most creative and unique ones from the lot. The tool works really well to generate out of the box ideas for your products.

Page 1 Products

If you’re looking to conduct product research while also saving your time, this feature is one of your best options. All you need to do is enter the name of your targeted item, and the merchantwords free will do the rest for you. The tool will help you with extensive product research whereby you will get a full list of products from your biggest competitors whose products are already listed on Amazon’s first page. This is an excellent tool if you’re looking to stand ahead of competitors. Since you now know what product names they’ve used, you can use the same titles for higher rankings.

Asin Plus

To use this feature, all you need to do is key in the ASIN number in the search bar of Merchantwords. Once you do this, you will get to access hundreds of key phrases listed on Amazon. On entering the ASIN number, you can check the star rating, the total number of reviews, the bestseller status, the search engine ranking position, and the total product results of your targeted item. What’s more, you can also check the listed item’s Amazon Choice Status. This is indeed an excellent tool for budding and experienced Amazon merchants who are looking to generate revenues and drive higher sales.

Final Thoughts

Merchantwords is a solid search database that collects insights from actual individuals who’ve made purchases on Amazon. The company has duly collected more than 1.6 billion keywords, assisting more than more 100,000 amazon merchants across the globe. You should certainly use this tool if you’re looking to take a peek into the mind of an Amazon shopper. This is one of the rare tools that will help you make better decisions by understanding your customer's mind. Use the keyword data of Merchant words to tap in new opportunities, boost traffic to your existing listings, and expand your business like you always wanted.


 Q. Is my info safe?

A. Yes, your information is completely safe with Merchantwords. The company will never share your details with any third-party, nor will they misappropriate the information you've entered. We’ve used the product for a while, and we totally vouch for the security it offers. You can also refer to their privacy policy statement for more information.

 Q. Does MerchantWords have a free trial?

A. No, MerchantWords no longer has a free trial. So, log in to the platform and choose a plan that best works with your requirements. While you can choose both the monthly and the annual option, you will get an additional two-month discount on the annual subscription. Upon subscribing you can access their entire keyword database and ASIN list. Additionally, you can also reach out to them for queries anytime. 

 Q. Is MerchantWords reliable?

A. Merchantwords have been in business since 2012 and you can always count on them for reliability. The company ensures your details are safe and it never misappropriates private information. 

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