Amazon Brand Registry - How does it work?

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To sell more efficiently on Amazon, you must ensure that you are using all the right techniques of selling which include completely optimizing listing of items, protecting your trademark on Amazon and full brand control. One of the best ways of doing this is brand registry on Amazon.

With Amazon brand registry program you can boost your sales as it allows you to use the best selling and marketing tools by Amazon. Although the brand registry does cost a little, the benefits it gives to sellers are worth it. In this article, you will learn everything a seller needs to know about the Amazon brand registry.

amazon brand registry benefits

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

It is a program by Amazon through which you can become a brand owner by getting a registered trademark. What’s more, you will be able to use many great features that Amazon offers. These tools can help you with generating more sales. By registering you brand, you can ensure that no other Amazon seller uses your product or brand name.

Who can Register the Brand?

Anyone who is selling any item and has a trademark registered can apply for this program. Once you are approved by Amazon, you can get all the benefits of registering the brand.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

If you are selling an item, there are a number of advantages of registering your brand including selling products more effectively.

Full Authority on Listing Products

One big benefit of enrolling in the registry program is that you get the complete authority over how you list the products. Optimizing the listing of product is a key element of becoming a top seller, so if you are selling something, you would like to present it in the best way.

However, there is a strict algorithm for writing title and descriptions etc. that bound you to optimize listings in a specific way but the amazon brand registry offers more freedom to customize the description, title, and images, etc. of the product by allowing you to add more content. What’s more, you have the option to update them regularly.

A protected Brand Trademark

Through brand registry amazon, a brand name is registered for you that no other seller can use and if you find someone using it, you can report them to Amazon so that they can remove them. It is a perfect way to get your own unique brand and remove all other brand’s product copies from Amazon.

Better Brand Content

This program helps you with having better content for your brand by letting you add videos to product page. Having a video of product can aid you in gaining buyers’ trust and confidence and hence generating more sales.

How to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry?

Below are the major requirements for registering a brand. 

Amazon Seller Central Account

To apply for this program, an amazon seller central account is the first requirement. After that, you have to make a registry account that will require some legal information.

Enroll with Unique Brand Name

To enroll successfully, the seller must have a unique and original brand name. Having a registered trademark is one of the main requirements of enrolling in this program.

Approval from Amazon

Once the application for registration is completed, you will have to wait for Amazon’s approval which can take up to 2 weeks as amazon carefully review all the applications.

Final Thoughts

Amazon brand registry is an excellent program for Amazon sellers that not only provides them a protected brand name but access to many useful features and tools as well.


Q: Is trademark a must for the Amazon brand registry?

A: Yes. In 2017, Amazon made having a registered trademark a requirement for enrolling in the brand registry program.

Q: Are there any eligibility requirements for the brand registry?

A: Yes, Amazon has different eligibility requirements for different countries. You must read them before applying for the program. 

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