What to Sell on Amazon: Finding Profitable Products

written on 10 Mon 2 2020 13:19

Amazon is the global titan of e-commerce, and its market space has many products. Its host of customers also matches this wide range of products that to many, selling on Amazon is a lucrative venture. But to a few others, it isn't profitable. So, how do you find what to sell on Amazon ?

Stick around to discover the best products to sell on Amazon .

What are the top-selling categories on Amazon?

To narrow down your search of the best products to sell on Amazon , here are the top-selling categories:

1. Electronics:

Everyone has one or two electronic gadgets in their home/office, which implies that these products are in high demand. Going through the Electronics Category will give ideas on what to sell on Amazon .

2. Toys and Games:

This is a no-brainer. Children and teenagers are the top users of games and toys, and there are many profitable items to sell from this Amazon category.

best things to sell on amazon

3. Clothing jewelry and shoes:

Another niche where you'll find lots of cool products is the Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry category. It's a little crowded, so you'll have to dig deep for the best of these things to sell on Amazon .

4. Books:

The Books Category will also give you a lot of options on what you should sell on Amazon that'll bring big bucks. You can buy the new releases or classics in bulk.

5. Camera and Photo:

This is another category that has a wide range of items like disposable cameras, selfie sticks, and tripods. You could also provide new or old tech in the Camera and Photo Category. But the icing on the cake is that household names don’t dominate the niche.

Choosing what to sell on Amazon FBA

Knowing the categories to target is one side of the coin. The other is choosing the best items to sell on Amazon FBA. For sellers, it's the most important part of their Amazon FBA strategy.

Products you can private label are the type you should be on the lookout for. And what better place to find such products than China? Since they cost almost nothing to produce, you'll make lots of profit when you sell them.

More importantly, when looking for what to sell on Amazon FBA, ensure that all your options are products customers want.

4 steps to find the best products to sell on Amazon

Follow these steps to get the best products to sell on Amazon :

1. Dig through Amazon:

To get what to sell on Amazon, you need to do your homework. Start with the categories, and look for the best-selling items there. By best-selling, we mean that the product is what customers need. But don't limit yourself to what Amazon brings up as the best. Look at the products in the 'Customers also bought' panel. 

It's too early to get the perfect product at this step, so only make a list of items you can sell first.

2. Find the market gap :

On this step, you'll need to understand the market and the demand for the product. Finding the market gap means looking out for that needle in the haystack. There'll likely be a version of even the most popular products that people desire more, and your job is to identify it.

The first place to look is the reviews customer leave for products. If they are unsatisfied with a particular aspect of such products, then look for substitutes that cater to such shortcomings.

3. Know and keep an eye on your competitors :

The biggest threat to making a profit from a product is when you've got millions of competitors to fight off. So, help yourself by knowing who you are up against. If the competition is too many, then you should consider other things to sell on Amazon . Only go ahead with a particular product if you really think you can win the race against your competitors.

4. Double-check on other sites :

Finally, head over to various search engines and find out if the product is in high demand, before giving it a shot.

Sourcing products to sell on Amazon

When you’ve gotten what to sell on Amazon , the next question is how to source it.

Firstly, you can source from dropshipping suppliers. With these middlemen, you won't have to buy products upfront or worry about handling, storing, or any logistics issues. Alternatively, wholesalers can get the job done for you. You’ll likely get discounted rates, which implies more profit on resale.

If you need a direct source, then sourcing from the manufacturer is the option for you. But whatever way you decide, make sure that it's the best balance of cost, effort and time.

In Conclusion

Selling on Amazon is a profitable venture if you know how to go about it. With the steps and tips above, you should have no problem finding what to sell on Amazon that'll be an alternative source of income for you.


Q1: How successful is selling on Amazon?

Finding what to sell on Amazon is where you need to make calculated moves. But when you've identified the best in-demand product to sell, you'll find that it's worth your time, and being successful is guaranteed.

Q2: How much can Amazon sellers make?

The average Amazon seller makes a minimum of $1,000 a month, and the top-sellers can bring in north of that. Medium and small-sized businesses make upwards of $90,000 every year.

Q3: What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

There are two subscription plans: The Professional selling subscription that costs $39.99 and the Individual plan for sellers who intend to sell less than 40 items. Individual sellers pay $0.99 for every item sold.

Q4: What is the most sold item on Amazon?

The most sold item for each category varies, and the list is updated hourly. At the moment, remote controls are the most sold items on Amazon’s Electronics category.

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